This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache ODE – Contributors



Here is the list of people who are actively working and committing on ODE.

Name ID Organization Role
Assaf Arkin arkin Developer & PMC
Alex Boisvert boisvert Developer & PMC
Alexis Midon midon Developer & PMC
Tammo van Lessen vanto Developer & PMC
Guillaume Nodet gnodet Iona Developer & PMC
Milinda Pathirage milinda Developer & PMC
Matthieu Riou mriou Developer & PMC
Rafał Rusin rr TouK Developer & PMC
Sathwik B P sathwik Developer & PMC Chair
Maciej Szefler mszefler Developer & PMC
Lance Waterman lwaterman Sybase Developer & PMC
Jeff Yu jeffyu JBoss Developer & PMC
Hadrian Zbarcea hadrian Developer & PMC


YourKit has graciously provided YourKit Java Profiler licenses to support our performance and quality efforts. We've had a wonderful experience using their tool – we were able to quickly and accurately find the cause of some issues in ODE -- and definitely recommend using it while building your own software.