This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache ODE – Source Code

Source Code


ODE uses Git to manage its source code. Instructions on Git use can be found here.

Main repository

Web Access (via Github)

1.3.x branch (Stable)
Trunk (Development)

Anonymous access

ODE source can be checked out anonymously with this command:

$> git clone git://

Once you have ODE checked out you can update the source by executing the following command from within the ode directory.

$> git pull

Once you've got the code you'll probably want to build it; for instructions see Building ODE.

Submitting a Patch

If you make changes to ODE, and would like to contribute the to the project, you should create a patch and post it to the ODE JIRA issue tracker. To create a patch, simply execute one of the following commands:

$> git format-patch master --stdout > your-changes.patch

$> git diff > your-changes.patch

Developer Access

Everyone can access the ODE Git repository via HTTP, but ODE Committers must checkout the repository via HTTPS.

$> git clone

For further instructions, please see here